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The idea that ICT and BPO should be limited to large and well-established companies is outdated. Recent findings and numerous success stories of outsourcing for startups have revealed that IT outsourcing has helped many startups go to market faster and boosted their growth.

The opportunity

Outsourcing can be an effective solution for startups to scale. It’s no secret that it presents many advantages. Cost efficiency is usually the top reason why companies consider outsourcing. Nevertheless, it provides startups with much more value than that. Outsourcing selected business processes, including IT, to specialized companies, would enable entrepreneurs to benefit from their expertise and thus ensure product quality. It also allows startups to be more flexible, ship their product faster, and spend their valuable time focusing on the core business.

The value of an experienced startup partner

IT outsourcing for startups requires specific attention from offshore software development companies compared with conventional outsourcing for well-established businesses. It has become crucial for startup founders to select trusted partners that offer the right mix of support and services to help them build scalable high-growth startups.

“Latest studies have revealed that about 34% of startups fail for lack of product-market fit and poor business planning during the early stages.”

Latest studies have revealed that about 34% of startups fail for lack of product-market fit and poor business planning during the early stages. What a startup needs is good advice from trustworthy experienced startup consultants, who can help in developing the founder’s business idea into a top digital product, and validating the market fast and cost-effectively.

Partnering with an experienced custom software development company for startups can provide true value through a structured, flexible, three-step product design process including product definition, product design, and product implementation.

Launching digital products that matter

Thinking through a product comprehensively is a key element in achieving product-market fit success. Before entrusting the product implementation to a software development team, it is essential for founders to develop a comprehensive vision of the
product. Failing to do so can lead to a higher cost of implementation, an extended timeline, and missed business opportunities.

At WeaveLines, we assist our clients in defining their product strategy efficiently. We provide tailored consulting services to help them refine their product backlog, define their MVP scope, and plan their product roadmap while ensuring it is aligned with their business strategy. We make sure we build compelling products that highlight the startup value proposition and meet our clients’ expectations.

Entrusting dedicated offshore teams for startups

Hiring a dedicated offshore software development team gives more leverage for startups to control their product development process. The managedteam model delegates to the IT outsourcing company the full software development lifecycle from concept and ideation to completion. This ensures project quality as the IT outsourcing vendor is accountable for all aspects of the product development. Startups need to entrust their products carefully.

Through our four service lines at WeaveLines — Product Strategy, UX/UI Design, Software Development, Cloud & Support — we help our clients launch their products promptly. We believe that designing a digital product is more than creating wireframes and UIs. It is the iterative process of research, creative and technical thinking, validation, until achieving a strong user experience. Our team follows the Agile methodology and delivers products incrementally and efficiently. We determine the ideal technology stack for each product and ensure it includes modern technologies.

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About the Author: Faten Matmati is the Founder & CEO of WeaveLines. Faten has a solid technical and management background with over five years of substantial experience in startups outsourcing. She is a startup consultant with strong expertise in Product Management. She has started her career in Tunis as a software engineer. Throughout her experience in the U.S., she had insights into the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem and the world of management consulting firms. Faten holds a Software Engineering degree from the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (INSAT) in Tunisia, a Master’s degree in Information Management, and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Data Science from Syracuse University, NY. She is a Fulbright Alumni.

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