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Leti Arts is a digital media company that has deployed interactive content including video games, comics, print, and online media for advocacy projects across Africa in fields of Health (Malaria, HIV, disability – Cerebral Palsy, etc), Civic rights (Elections), Environment and Sanitation, Finance, African heritage, etc. The company’s vision is to shape a new generation of uniquely African content by creating engaging comics and games – such as The True Ananse and Africa’s Legends – that pay homage to the continent’s greatest legends. 

Their portfolio borrows from fables told by the Zulu, Massai, Ashanti, and more to craft new tales appealing to a modern audience. 

Using exciting, interactive, mobile-driven mediums, Leti Arts’ digital contents reignite the imaginations of children and adults alike. All digital content can be accessed through the Afrocomix app: a keystone in Leti Arts’ vision to revolutionize the way mobile content is shared and consumed in Africa. Distributed via Android, ComiXology, Amazon’s digital comic subsidiary, Afrocomix users can purchase, download, read, watch and enjoy new African comics, animation, books, wallpapers, and games for years to come. 

Picture: Eyram Tawia, LetiArts

Leti Arts made educational games and apps geared towards effecting behavior change as part of educational purposes and advocacy campaigns e.g. showing good measures to prevent malaria, cholera, ebola, and the likes. In such campaigns, analytics is key. Tracking user decisions and measuring if all measures and policies are working perfectly as planned. This data is a great tool for organizations to make key decisions especially on how effective initiatives are thus Leti Arts has embarked on gamification partnerships with companies, educational institutions, and NGOs in Ghana, Kenya, and globally including Jhpiego, UNDP, MTN, and many more building serious games that address Malaria, HIV, Civic Engagement and the likes.


  • Game Development
  • Comics
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • 3D Design
  • Very short Animation

Development Process

 Bringing the game app development concept into real life is quite a challenging task. Leti Arts generally observes 3 major stages Pre-production, Production, and Post-production which go from planning, designing, testing, deploying, and marketing of the game app on the targeted app store.

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Eyram Tawiah is the co-founder and CEO of Leti Arts. As a game developer, Eyram believes that Africa can make a salient contribution to the world of game development and preserve culture through this. He has pioneered developing the gaming industry in Africa with Leti Arts. Eyram believes preserving cultural diversity through gaming and entertainment is very important and aims to prove this by creating world-class games and comics using African talent. Email: eyram@letiarts.com

Christian Elonguéis a video game scientist and journalist concerned with the reporting and discussion of video games in Africa. In academia, he has published several articles that significantly increased global awareness of the unexploited economic, educational and cultural potential of mobile and video games in Africa. Since 2017, he collaborates with Leti Arts, analyzing and documenting their progress within the African video game space. Email: hello@christianelongue.com 

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