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Home Business Collaborate and Innovate: The German-Rwanda IT and Business Services Summit

Periodically, when we perceive excellent opportunities to gain exclusive insights, meetings, and networking, we recommend carefully chosen ICT industry events about Africa, but on other continents—this time, Europe.

The German-Rwanda IT and Business Services Summit, scheduled for June 5 in Berlin, and regional networking gatherings in Hamburg, Munich, and Darmstadt, are the activities we suggest today.

Seize the opportunity to engage with influential decision-makers, government agencies, and up-and-coming business owners. This will not only provide valuable insights into Rwanda’s flourishing BPO and IT industries but also empower you to shape the future of these sectors. Discover Rwanda’s potential as a leading outsourcing destination and network with software specialists and IT businesses in Rwanda. 

Register and get more details at https://gbs.rw/event.

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