Home Business Drone revolution in Africa: Kenya envisions itself in a crucial role

African drones are poised to take off, with Kenya at the forefront of the drone revolution. With the global Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) market expected to reach $43 billion by next year, the Elevate Africa UAS Summit 2024 brought together local and international industry players, next-generation drone pilots, and enthusiasts to discuss the future of UAS technology across the continent.

This event, the first in an annual series, was organized by Kenya Flying Labs, Africa Drone Forum, and Pravesh Global in collaboration with KONZA Technopolis and the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) to highlight Africa’s vast potential in UAS technology. The Summit was in Nairobi, Kenya, on 28 – 29 June 2024. With over 500 delegates from 21 nations, including Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, and Nigeria, the conference emphasized the continent’s diverse and vibrant drone scene.

Key topics focused on drones’ transformational potential in industries such as agriculture, healthcare, and logistics. Prominent speakers, including KCAA members, industry professionals, and government officials, gave their perspectives on drone regulation and technology in Africa.

The Women in Drones session was a fantastic highlight of the Summit, championing fairness and inclusiveness, addressing gender inequities and stressing women’s essential role in developing drone technology throughout Africa.

Read more: https://www.elevateafricasummit.com/

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