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Advansys ESC forged a strategic partnership with a European high-tech system integrator, a key player providing professional services in 25+ countries in the IT & Technology Sector. This partnership was instrumental in building the offshore software delivery center in Egypt, overcoming significant barriers in the client’s expansion journey. Over the course of a year, Advansys ESC’s expertise in Software Outsourcing, Operational Outsourcing, and Business Process Outsourcing enabled the client to maintain its high-value B2B customer experience for over two decades.

The Challenge

For the client, fast development of a world-class delivery center at an optimized cost was challenging. Access to specialized talents and the latest technologies at competitive costs while maintaining their quality was a tough equation that needed a reliable partner to resolve. Advansys ESC’s partnership in Strategic Outsourcing enabled the client to achieve its full set of objectives without compromising.

The Solution

Advansys ESC’s partnership with the European high-tech system integrator had the mission to build their entire offshore Delivery Center in Egypt with international standards. The delivery center included all the different phases of the Software Development cycle, such as Design, Development, …, and Go-live Support.

The company is continuously ramping up high-skilled calibers and maintaining high retention rates to ensure business continuity and readiness for future expansions. The Delivery Center is currently running at full capacity and is increasing based on the projects’ requirements with fast enrollment across the globe so far (UK, Spain, Portugal, Qatar, KSA, and UAE). Additionally, team mobility is achieved using Advansys ESC different legal offices across the globe (in the UK, USA, KSA, UAE & Egypt).

Advansys ESC experts deliver projects in an isolated IT environment to ensure data confidentiality and reliability. Technologies: iOS, Android, .NET, Oracle, APEX. Services Offered: SWDC (Software Delivery Center Outsourcing), B P O (Business Process Outsourcing), and OP (Operation Outsourcing).

The outcome

Advansys ESC has built a world-class development center with over 50 hired talents in 8 months. The hired talents were a mix of different seniority levels, with over 80% in senior roles. The delivery center acted as a catalyst to the client’s expansion plan in the different regions, serving more and more customers with its strong technical team with mixed technology expertise operating from one location—Egypt Delivery Center (EDC). All of this with 50%—65% cost optimization in payouts.

By Ahmed ElMoghazy, CEO and Chairman of Advansys Holding.
Ahmed is a skilled entrepreneur who offers diverse expertise and practical solutions to assist his customers in identifying, developing, and enhancing their business strategies, plans, processes, and controls. He is an innovative strategic thinker with an outstanding track record in establishing business pillars and managing resources.

With over 15 years of experience in Industrial Automation Systems, Business Automation Solutions, and Strategic Outsourcing in multiple markets, including Central-Eastern Europe, North America, and the Middle East, he led Advansys’s business in different sectors, such as FMCG, BFSI, Manufacturing, Government, and Healthcare, as well as Oil and gas and Power and utilities.

Ahmed holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering, a Master of Business Administration, and a black belt in Lean Six Sigma.

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