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The Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana (IIPGH) is a professional association which is made up of professionals in various domains of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) practice. The Institute is a connector of ICT professionals from Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), educational institutions, corporate organizations, startups, investors, and the civil society organizations to create a vibrant ICT ecosystem.

We are creating an attractive ICT ecosystem by mobilizing all ICT professionals, students, and businesses under one professional association/body to positively influence policy, development, standardization, and delivery of ICT across Ghana and beyond. The institute also aims to train and certify professionals, provide opportunities through networking, educate the public, and lead in technology advocacy. Our vision is to become the most reliable partner in ICT development in Ghana and beyond.

With an Executive Council as the highest decision-making body, the Institute has a membership base of over 1900 registered professionals, students, and corporate businesses.

Since 2017, IIPGH has made significant progress and chalked some successes, notably:

Mobilization of professionals
: IIPGH has mobilized over 1,900 registered members comprising of professionals, students, and corporate organizations. 90% of members are professionals from all domains of ICT practice. www.iipgh.org

Coding (Computer programming) Project: The institute started this initiative to introduce coding, an essential skill for the future to children, teenagers and adults. Since March 2018, over 10,000 students have been trained and awareness program extended to over 25,000 students and professionals in Ghana and abroad. For more information please visit: https://iipgh.org/codingin-schools-and-communities-iipghlaunched-more-centers-in-accraand-takoradi/

Picture: Digital Design Hub via IIPGH

Believing in the“early start”as part of its objectives, the institute in November 2020, with its partners from Germany, promoting technological and entrepreneurial awareness among communities in Ghana and Africa – introduced “Code it!” as a software
learning platform for teaching children and beginners to learn programming easily. For more information please visit: https://iipgh.org/institute-of-ict-professionals-ghanaiipgh-and-code-for-afrika-e-v-germany-collaborate-to-promote-coding-among-ghanaian-kids/

The institute in May 2021 launched the Digital Design and Creative Coding Hub with its partners from Germany.

The Hub is meant to be a showroom for tools and concepts for digital learning and creative work–for innovative and creative projects and a center for national and international exchange. For more information please visit: https://iipgh.org/developing-a-digital-literate-society-iipghlaunches-digital-design-and-creativecoding-hub/

Education, Awareness & Advocacy programs: Professionals provide education on ICT such as weekly articles published in the
newspaper, and online portals, television, and radio talk show, on technology etc. Over 180 articles on ICT published in the newspaper since November 2017. For more information please visit: https://iipgh.org/category/articles/

Promoting local innovation: Highlighting local innovations that would solve our basic societal problems. Organized Tech Entrepreneurs Forum in February 2019 to harness innovations that can solve our problems and a Tech Job Fair in March 2021 to understand the changing needs of employers and skills development in the ICT sector. https://iipgh.org/tech-entrepreneurs-forum-tef-2019/

Picture: Tech Entrepreneurs Forum via IIPGH

Stakeholder Engagement to promote ICT: Working with other stakeholders to grow the Association in terms of size, positive impact, and influence in the ICT space. Over 35 corporate partners working with the institute from various technology companies, media, Civil Society Organizations, educational institutions.

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About the author: David Gowu is a Digital Transformation Leader with passion for helping businesses, professionals and students to understand and effectively deploy technology. He is a technology management expert, an Electrical/Electronics Engineer and a Project Management Professional with expertise in design, deployment, operations and digital transformation of businesses.

David had a long span of consultancy experience in technology services. He worked for multinational technology companies such as Ericsson, MTN & Airtel on several projects across Africa. He is a co-founder of the Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana (IIPGH) and the first Executive Director of the institute. David leads a team of over 50 full-time/part-time staff of the secretariat of the institute to carry out the objectives of the organization.

Some of the activities are: development of capacity building programs such as workshops, seminars, webinars and short-term training for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). In addition, he leads the team to develop and implement awareness programs such as weekly articles published in the newspaper, TV and radio talk shows, issuing of statement on topical issues, tech training programs
such coding for kids, the youth and girls in underserved communities.

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