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Home Business A campaign to boost E-Waste Collection and Recycling in Rwanda

There are thousands of articles about new businesses, solutions, and opportunities, but recycling and waste solutions in ICT are another essential side of the process. Improper e-waste disposal threatens the environment, people’s health, and the economy. In the past five years, the Government of Rwanda has made significant progress towards e-waste management to promote green growth and a circular economy. 

The Ministry of ICT and Innovation, the Ministry of Environment, the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA), partners, and affiliated agencies have launched a campaign to raise awareness about proper e-waste management and encourage Rwandans to recycle their e-waste. The new campaign will increase awareness about how and where to drop off old electrical and electronic equipment and e-waste collection and management status in Rwanda. The campaign aims to improve the collection rate of e-waste at dedicated collection points operated by Enviroserve Rwanda, an e-waste dismantling and recycling company that works in partnership with the Government of Rwanda. This will result in the protection of human health and the environment.

Read more: https://www.minict.gov.rw/news-detail/rwanda-launches-campaign-to-boost-e-waste-collection-and-recycling

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