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Many efforts are taken by public and private organizations to develop ICT sectors in striving African economies that can close the tech-talent gap in Western markets. The German development agency GIZ has recently launched a program to provide hands-on support for a group of 12 selected ICT services companies in Ethiopia to build compliance and to create linkages with markets that currently experience significant tech-talent gaps.

The ICT Sector Support Program in Ethiopia is part of the Special Initiative “Decent Work for Just Transition” of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and is dedicated to creating new business opportunities through the encouragement of long-term private investments.

Operating under the Invest for Jobs brand, the program focuses on generating more and higher-quality jobs, with a specific focus on promoting employment for women and environmentally significant sectors in African partner nations.

The program is structured around three key areas: private sector development, support for ICT sector associations, and business development. It involves collaborating with Ethiopian ICT services firms to enhance their export capabilities, boost the visibility of the ICT sector, and establish business connections to enhance sales and target market reach. Through a meticulous selection process, 12 companies have been chosen to participate in this initiative. These companies will now craft individual strategies and plans for growth and success in the global ICT sector and contribute to strengthening the ICT sector in Ethiopia.

As part of the program, the German Outsourcing Association organized work sessions in Addis Ababa for the 12 ICT companies as well as local incubators and ICT associations. The work sessions were opened by GIZ program head Gerold Schwarz and German Outsourcing Association CEO Stephan Fricke. The program included informative presentations on comprehending the global ICT services landscape and interactive sessions aimed at overcoming export challenges, understanding Ethiopia’s position in the global ICT services arena, and devising strategies for global success. The event also involved visits to selected companies to delve deeper into their operations, explore business partnership opportunities, and establish market connections.

Overall, the program and workshop provided a valuable platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among participants from the IT services companies and IT associations. The outcomes of these sessions and overall program will contribute to strengthening the ICT sector in Ethiopia and fostering sustainable economic growth.

To foster new business opportunities, especially for the youth in the country, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) promotes long-term private investments through the Special Initiative “Decent Work for a Just Transition.” The initiative seeks to generate more high-quality jobs, emphasizing employment for women and environmentally relevant sectors in African partner countries. In Ethiopia, the initiative enhances conditions for European and African investors, fosters small and medium enterprises, and improves business ecosystems in selected economic clusters.

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