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In recent years, Rwanda has emerged as a dynamic player in the global tech arena, with a rapidly growing ecosystem that has captured the attention of investors and industry experts alike. A contributor to shaping this narrative is SOLVIT AFRICA, a niche operator that has positioned itself as a key player in preparing and upskilling tech talent to meet the demands of Rwanda and the flourishing global tech sector.

Rwanda’s tech landscape has recently witnessed significant strides, marked by the proliferation of startups, innovation hubs, and a burgeoning community of tech enthusiasts. These strides have positioned the country as the leader in technology and innovation in developing economies across Africa. According to the Global Innovation Index of 2022, Rwanda ranks 9th among the developing economies across Sub-Saharan Africa, a significant increase owing to the massive input of innovation into the sector by the players involved. 

The government’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for tech growth and strategic investments in infrastructure and education has propelled the country onto the global tech stage. International organizations and institutions such as GIZ have also played a significant role in the Rwandan landscape by providing resources and institutionalizing companies’ commitment towards a shared goal of talent uplifting. Innovation hubs such as Norrsken House Kigali and Westerwelle Startup Haus have contributed to the formation of over 100 tech startups in Rwanda, with notable examples such as Zipline and Kasha.


A notable aspect of Rwanda’s tech ascent is the exponential growth of its tech talent pool. The country has seen a surge in young, skilled professionals entering the tech sector, creating a vibrant and innovative ecosystem. This trend is attributed to the government’s emphasis on education and skills development, resulting in a workforce with the competencies required to thrive in the digital age. 

At the heart of this tech renaissance is SOLVIT AFRICA, a niche operator strategically positioned itself to address the evolving needs of the Rwandan tech sector. Specializing in preparing and upskilling tech talent, the company has become a pivotal player in bridging the gap between industry demands and the skill sets of local professionals.

Over the past five years, SOLVIT AFRICA has made significant strides in shaping Rwanda’s tech workforce. The organization’s impact is underscored by its commitment to training over 1500 talents, ensuring that these individuals are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to the tech ecosystem. 

Moreover, SOLVIT AFRICA has successfully outsourced 80% of its trained talents, demonstrating the practical application of their efforts in meeting the growing demands of both local and international markets. Some key companies and employers that have worked with SOLVIT talents include local companies such as Uzuri KY, Bank of Kigali, RISA, MTN Rwanda, Irembo, and international companies such as Tek Experts, and TechAffinity from USA, CCI Global, ALX, UNWFP and so much more.


The firm’s success story is emblematic of Rwanda’s broader appeal as an investment destination within the tech sector. The country’s strategic location, political stability, and forward-thinking policies make it attractive for investors seeking opportunities in the burgeoning African tech landscape. 

As Rwanda continues to position itself as a tech hub in Africa, SOLVIT AFRICA stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between skilled talent and a thriving ecosystem. Through its focused efforts in training and upskilling, the company has not only contributed to the growth of Rwanda’s tech sector but has also reinforced the country’s standing as a compelling investment destination for those looking to capitalize on the continent’s tech potential.

About the author: Joseph Semafara is a seasoned tech entrepreneur and the Founder/CEO of SOLVIT AFRICA, a prominent Training and Outsourcing company in the Tech industry. With a background in software engineering and over a decade of experience, Joseph has been instrumental in the success of SOLVIT AFRICA, providing full-time employment opportunities for more than 1500 individuals post-training. His commitment extends to uplifting Africa’s tech ecosystem, particularly in Rwanda, through initiatives empowering young talents. As a certified Google Digital Skills trainer and a devoted Christian, Joseph advocates for education policy reforms and actively mentors youth groups across Rwanda.

More about SOLVIT AFRICA: https://solvit.africa/

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