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For over 30 years, Sutherland has witnessed the transformation of landscapes, both physical and digital. Their journey in Egypt began in 2010 with a single Alexandria site and flourished alongside the nation’s promising ICT sector. Since then, the company has navigated challenges with resilience, achieving remarkable milestones along the way. Now, with five thriving sites and unwavering commitment, they see Egypt not just as a business location but as a strategic partner in the digital evolution of businesses worldwide.

Beyond Sutherland’s story, Egypt’s ICT landscape paints a compelling picture for Western and Central European businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective solutions. But what makes Egypt such fertile ground for ICT companies like Sutherland? It’s a captivating blend of opportunity, talent, and ambition. Imagine a market where the ICT sector outpaces the entire national economy in growth, boasting a staggering 16.3%. With a $4 billion e-commerce boom and key areas like IT, BPO, and GBS, Egypt’s digital landscape is teeming with potential. Even niche areas like AI and fiber optic cables are witnessing exciting growth.

This growth isn’t accidental. Egypt prioritizes STEM education, nurturing a talented and tech-savvy workforce through initiatives like ITIDA’s “Next Generation” program. This ensures a steady flow of skilled professionals, from software developers to data analysts, all multilingual and eager to embrace the latest technologies. It’s a young, diverse pool waiting to be tapped into, offering a perfect fit for a wide range of business needs.

The Egyptian government itself is a champion of digital transformation. Initiatives like “Digital Egypt” and “Decent Life” actively promote cutting-edge ICT solutions, creating a fertile ground for innovation. This commitment extends beyond policy, with investments in high-speed internet and digital infrastructure solidifying the foundation for a robust ICT ecosystem. The government is also heavily investing in expanding high-speed internet connectivity and digital infrastructure, solidifying the foundation for a strong ICT ecosystem.

But beyond infrastructure, the real magic lies in the economic advantages. Compared to Western counterparts, operational costs are significantly lower, making Egypt an attractive outsourcing destination. Add to that government incentives like tax breaks and streamlined regulations, and you have a business-friendly environment that nurtures success.

It’s more than just traditional areas that are flourishing. AI solutions are finding applications in diverse sectors like healthcare, agriculture, and finance, presenting exciting opportunities for developers. Additionally, a comprehensive range of ICT services, from IT support to cloud solutions and cybersecurity, caters to diverse business needs.

Success stories abound. Many leading companies like Sutherland have established successful operations in Egypt, showcasing the sector’s maturity and potential. And the story doesn’t end there. Egypt is emerging as a global hub for GBS and shared services, offering cost-effective and scalable solutions for Western businesses.

But don’t just take my word for it. Dive into the heart of Egypt’s ICT sector by attending upcoming industry events and conferences. Connect with local players, explore the market firsthand, and unlock the immense potential that awaits.

Remember, Egypt’s ICT landscape is more than just promising; it’s an oasis of opportunity waiting to be discovered. With its flourishing ecosystem, skilled talent, and supportive government initiatives, Egypt stands poised to be a strategic partner in your digital transformation journey.

About the Author: Ahmed Nagy is the Country Head for Sutherland Egypt with Span of 5000 FTEs.

With 17 years of experience in client relations and business process transformation, Ahmed has been instrumental in launching new functions and restructuring operations, notably during the pandemic. When he’s not driving business success, Ahmed enjoys football, padel, and spending time with his daughter.

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