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Unlocking New Horizons

In the midst of Africa’s ongoing digital revolution, which is redefining sectors from mobile communications to comprehensive telecom solutions, the continent stands on the brink of a new era of sustainable development. This transformation is not just about adopting new technologies; it’s about creating strategic partnerships and leveraging managed services and digital innovations that can accelerate growth, address challenges, and propel socio-economic advancement.

A Beacon of Innovation and Strategic Guidance

In 2017, Telecom Egypt faced the daunting task of launching mobile services amidst the fiercely competitive Egyptian market. The challenge was compounded by the decision to adopt Huawei’s IT Business Support System (BSS)—a technology relatively new and unfamiliar in the region, lacking local expertise. 

Understanding the critical need for a swift and efficient solution, SIGMA EMEA leveraged its deep industry expertise to seamlessly integrate with the Huawei system, ensuring Telecom Egypt’s service delivery remained uninterrupted. This initial success laid the groundwork for a broader collaboration, ultimately leading SIGMA EMEA to manage Telecom Egypt’s entire Huawei IT stack and business configurations.

Expanding Horizons: Pioneering Digital Mobile and Portals Development

The journey with Telecom Egypt marked the beginning of a transformative era for SIGMA EMEA, catapulting the company into the forefront of digital mobile and portal development. In 2018, tasked with revamping Telecom Egypt’s digital channels, the company, in collaboration with Huawei Egypt, embarked on a mission to elevate its e-channel offerings. The result was not just a revamped solution but a testament to SIGMA EMEA’s capability to deliver state-of-the-art software development methodologies.

This engagement showcased our ability to significantly enhance customer reach, taking Telecom Egypt’s subscriber base from 1 million to an astonishing 19 million. Inspired by this success, SIGMA EMEA has since developed critical digital solutions across Mauritania, Mali, Ethiopia, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia, with plans to continue expanding our footprint.

Beyond Project Execution: A Testament to Trust and Flexibility

SIGMA EMEA’s relationship with clients like Telecom Egypt and Huawei has evolved significantly over the years, and it is marked by a steadfast commitment to exceeding performance expectations and maintaining operational excellence. During their tenure managing managed services and digital transformations, the firm consistently met and surpassed the agreed-upon KPIs and SLAs from day one. Their approach went beyond merely sticking to a predefined resource allocation; the company demonstrated remarkable flexibility by scaling their team in response to workload fluctuations or seasonal promotions, ensuring optimal service quality at all times.

A Call to Action for Future Collaborations

As SIGMA EMEA continues to navigate the complexities of Africa’s technological landscape, its story of innovation, strategic partnership, and digital transformation is far from over. They remain committed to fostering innovation, driving digital transformation, and building lasting partnerships that unlock new possibilities for sustainable development across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Are you curious to learn more about our journey and how we can help redefine the boundaries of your digital landscape? Visit www.sigma-emea.com and discover the difference that strategic partnership and operational excellence can make.

Ahmed Elnabarawy is the Chief Commercial Officer for SIGMA EMEA and Saudi Arabia’s Managing Director.

Ahmed Elnabarawy is an active techno-business consultant and entrepreneur. His areas of focus are technology, business, and sales strategies. He holds a Master’s degree in business and a Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Ahmed Elnabarawy’s professional journey is marked by his tenure at multinational companies like Huawei and Ericsson. He has progressed from technical roles to business management positions, overseeing projects of significant scale, such as telecom technology transformation projects worth multimillions.

In addition, as an entrepreneur, I started many startups, like “Wajbaty,” the first interactive app in Iraq, in 2015, and supported many technology consultancy firm startups, like “IT SERVICE HOUSE” in 2016 and “SIGMA EMEA” in 2017.

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