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Interview with Mrs. Rasha Ezz El-Din, Sales & Marketing Director at Xceed HQ

Xceed with headquarters in Egypt and over 10,000 Omni – channel workstations has become a name as business process services specialist not only on the African continent, but also in Europe.

And with more than 1,700 employees on its Moroccan location we took the chance to interview Mrs. Rasha Ezz El-Din about the company’s service delivery center in Morocco and the perspective for the sector in Morocco.

Mrs. Ezz El-Din, we recently learned a lot about Morocco as location for Offshore-/Nearshore Development Centres, the local conditions, as well as the private and public efforts to develop the digital sector in Morocco. Could you please allow us to get a better understanding of how Morocco fits into Xceeds location strategy?

Taking advantage of its geographic positioning within Europe Time Zones, and only four to five hours from Eastern Time, Morocco has cultivated a sizeable off-shoring sector, aided by government programs.

More than 70,000 people are employed in the outsourcing sector and it is the 6th most important economic activity, according to the Moroccan Association of Customer Relations (AMRC).

Establishing dedicated zones for key services and industries has been a fundamental strategy for the Moroccan government in recent years, Casanerashore and Technopolis are the biggest zones in Casablanca and Rabat.

The Moroccan government is replicating the success of the two parks with smaller technological clusters in mid-sized cities, to expand job creation opportunities outside of the two major cities, and to encourage the growth of outsourcing operations in smaller cities with lower cost.

The Government strategy and the experienced labor pool makes Morocco an excellent location choice for Xceed and fits perfectly with the company growth strategy.

You are also head of Xceed’s Solutions Department and have with that far reaching responsibilities when it comes to identifying and implementing innovations, new programs and markets and developing new services and solutions with prominent customers. Could you give as an example of how Xceed deals with new technologies and solutions and make them available for its clients?

We help improving our client’s customer journey through customized end-to-end solutions, we believe that technology creates possibilities. In this sense we provide innovative infrastructure solution that is efficient, scalable and secure and range of solutions which are a perfect balance of being cost-efficient and reliable. In addition to reliability which is one of the strongest elements in Xceed. Where we depend on Our infrastructure that is built on a high redundancy measures to mitigate the risk of business halt at zero level.

Capitalizing on our ground-breaking success in the Contact Center area, we extended our services to include “Human Resource Outsourcing”, “Finance & Accounting Outsourcing” and “BPO Consultancy”.

With our current location’s leverage as a gateway for the Middle East and African markets And building on great success in Morroco and, Xceed has added a new strategic expansion in the middle of the Indian ocean “Mauritius” starting with 250 seats.

How does Xceed’s operation in Morocco look like today and what are the plans for evolving the business operations in Morocco?

We are counting actually more than 1,700 employees operating from several sites within the offshoring zones with a very tempting expansion plan during 2021.

Where do you see the opportunities for Morocco’s ICT sector in the near future and what are from your perspective and experiences the aspects the private and public sector need to tackle in order to achieve a sustainable place among the top sourcing destinations?

Despite the emergence of new offshoring destinations with lower costs, the Moroccan government established a new action plan, hoping to take the offshoring and outsourcing sector to up to Dh16bn (€1.7bn) in earnings, and create an extra 40,000 jobs. Part of the new strategy will focus on improving Morocco’s competitiveness as an offshore destination, in terms of costs, labor availability and location.

Aligned with international trends in terms of technological adoption and investment flows into outsourcing service provision, some constraints in implementation have caused delays. Accelerating the process and bringing a greater number of services will help for sure. By achieving its action plan Morocco will be among the outsourcing destination which will help in business growth and will align perfectly with Xceed’s expansion plans.

You can read the full article in the Outsourcing Destination Guide Morocco, which is available for free download at www.outsourcing-destinations.org

The author: Mrs. Rasha Ezz El-Din is Xceed’s Sales & Marketing Director, generating and growing business by combining sales strategies business intelligence and company strategic marketing plan. Prior to that Rasha was Xceed Solutions & PreSales Director, aiming to scan the external environment for new technologies, identify the potential ideas for new programs and design risk mitigation resolutions for businesses associated with respective markets.

She also interacts with prospective high net-worth customers to find new opportunities for outsourcings as well as leading and directing the project management process. Among other responsibilities, Eng. Ezz also ensures coordination and effective integration of the proposed solutions with regulatory guidance to meet the desired priorities and main objectives effectively. She uses her extensive experience with customers and end users to successfully able to fulfill this. Mrs. Ezz El-Din graduated
from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University and holds a BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering. She has also completed a Diploma in Communications Engineering from the National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) in Egypt. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) in Pennsylvania, USA.

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