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We make digital human – is what Sutherland brings to the global operations. The rapid growth of digital transformation engaged in the human workforce modifies the technical design and human insights into a deeper understanding to promote business innovation.

We have been one of the leading companies of the most significant companies in the world in the digital transformation led by the eccentric customer business. Driven by a relentless, entrepreneurial spirit and by partners across the globe with an extensive intimate affiliation with global clients, and work with them to find strategic and operational solutions that offer and implement advanced accomplishments.

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In the new era of digitization, powered and driven by advanced technological transformation and integration of information across a wide range of processes in an extensive machine learning and human engagement, the result of an outcome-driven solution.

These outcome-driven solutions adapt from the various key business focus on product development, customer experience, and business models. Continuous innovation transforms the business’s core services, including how the company is led by tremendous customer experience.

The top three digital transformation services we provide are Technology Services, Enterprise Services, and Healthcare IT. Therefore, allocating customers’ needs in every matter becomes accessible in each case. 

1. Technology Services

“Customer experience technologies and new business models that deliver seamless CX.”

To achieve more meaningful goals, one of the key businesses in increasing boundless communication and engagement within the organization and the customer is how one perceives the needs of the others. 

Our Customer Experience and Strategy are led by a modern combination of human knowledge and technological capabilities resulting in an innovative and engaging application. The Technological Services provided by us expand through world-class touchpoint transformation, seamless customer and user communication, specializing in cloud services, end-to-end salesforce implementation, personalization and recommendation, and a digital workplace.

2. Enterprise Services

“Enterprise support is in our DNA. With 13,000+ technology professionals across the globe supporting 15+ languages, we have a rich heritage managing large and complex technical support ecosystems.”

Supporting thousands of services worldwide and optimizing solutions enabling Customer Success organization, this approach made by us manages to build a structure where the customer strategy aligns with the digital transformation. The Enterprises Services include Enterprise B2B product support, Service Desk, and Customer Success.

3. Healthcare IT

“We help Health Plans and Providers on their top-of-mind use-cases to achieve key business and care outcomes through technology and enhanced patient/member engagement.”

These human-centric services are not new in the global market and operations and the retrospective of a broader range of digital possibilities for organizations and individuals. The modern age of technology ascends to be a great tool to improve one’s lifestyle or a company’s performance seamlessly. 

A company that acquires opportunities for digital transformation obtains an immense avenue toward a digitized experience for customers—efficient, transparent, and interactive management helps to connect an organization emerging to a successful global operation experience.

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About the author:

Ahmed Nagy ElAnwar is the Country Head for Sutherland Egypt & Global SD Head for Travel & Retail with Span of 4000 + FTEs, 15 years overall experience in client relations & business process transformation.

Ahmed has contributed to multiple launches of new functions and LOBs. He also played a key role in restructuring the operational module following the pandemic.

Ahmed likes to Play Football, Padel, and spend time with his lovely daughter in his free time.

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