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  1. Software Delivery Center

Advansys ESC partnered with a Key player in the Gulf Area, in the Financial Sector, for building their Off-shore Software Delivery Center in Egypt including the different phases of the SW development cycle. The lack of resources & access to the latest technology at lower costs were the major barriers in the digital transformation Journey. So, over the Three-Year of the partnership, Advansys have enabled the Financial Institution on different levels of Software Outsourcing Operational Outsourcing and Business Process outsourcing to achieve high progress in their digital transformation journey along with enlarging the enterprise Market share.

The Challanges

Since the Institution is offering a wide range of financial services while the market is undergoing a profound transformation and the digital technologies are reshaping payments, lending, insurance, and wealth management. Access to specialized talents, latest technologies at competitive costs while improving their service delivery where the major barriers in the digital transformation Journey. The institution needed to focus more on the core business as well as optimizing the costs to be able to cope with challenges in financial services economies which became more diverse, competitive, and inclusive. That’s where Advansys ESC partnership in Services Outsourcing played a major role in the institution journey towards digital transformation.

The solution

Advansys ESC partnership with the financial institute Advansys started in 2019 with the mission to build their entire SW Delivery Center in Egypt. The SW Development Hub, in Egypt, included all the different phases of the SW Development cycle such Design, Development, …, Go-live Support with different Seniority level as well. The Development Center is currently running with full capacity and it’s increasing based on the projects’ requirements.

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ATL Cairo was initially part of the prestigious Microsoft Research organization. Our impact was measured through the tech transfers we completed to the various Microsoft product teams and, ultimately, the release of our technologies into Microsoft products. Over the years, we migrated to be part of the product teams themselves and expanded our responsibilities from tech transfers to full ownership of specific Microsoft products. Throughout, we maintained our scientific edge. In parallel, other organizations established development teams in Cairo that co-exist with ATL Cairo under the umbrella of EgDC. Based on that 15-years history, we consider EgDC to be a dev center deeply rooted in science.

Our Work

Our staff engages in the experimentation, development, and operation of state-of-the-art cloud-based AI services that power Microsoft’s cognitive services, search, web analytics, and more. We take responsibility for our services’ accuracy, scalability, and reliability. 

We maintain our connection with the Microsoft Arabic-speaking users by developing and maintaining the industry’s most accurate Arabic models for machine translation and speech recognition. In addition, we also develop highly accurate models for a comprehensive set of low-resource languages. 

Advansys ESC experts are delivering projects through different Services SLA working on different business operations processes in an isolated IT environment to ensure data confidentially, and finally the managed automation services, offered by Advansys ESC experts, in the offshore center is covering all required services and support for the developed software solutions.

Technologies: IOS, Android, .NET, Oracle APEX

Services Offered: SWDC ((Software Delivery Center Outsourcing), BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), and OP (Operation Outsourcing).

The outcome

Advansys ESC team contributed significantly to the Digital Transformation journey of the client which was a catalyst in accelerating the transformation along with adding more digital solutions to their Portfolio to be more competitive & seamlessly multiply their market share.

  1. Hybrid Capability Center

Advansys ESC over the past few years have been collaborating with one of the biggest Global Organization in building their offshore capability Center in Egypt. Currently it contains 200+ specialized talents in different engineering and technological areas. Access to skilled engineering talents pool and ability to improve business efficiency were major challenges for the organization to keep on highest performance and extend their market reach. That is where Advansys ESC played a pivotal role in increasing the partner’s revenue by Two-digit ‘year-on-year’ along with being the extendible delivery arm for business expansion and seizing more opportunities through offering a wide range of services from ITO, Engineering Services Outsourcing, Procurement Outsourcing, SW Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing.

The challenges

As the Organization is offering different solutions for the Warehouse Automation and Material handling, they faced major challenge on keeping the operation costs within thresholds along with the massive demand on engineering & technical resources in addition to the increase in hiring cost in the American and European markets. Actually, access to specialized talents, in the field of engineering service, and industrial automation also considered as other barriers for providing improved service delivery and business efficiency to maintain the high performance.

The solution

Advansys ESC established a partnership with the Global Organization to build their Hybrid Capability Center for mechanical, control and software engineers that works within the design, operations and process of their material handling & warehouse automation solution delivering.

We started 8 years ago with 4 Control engineers operating in North America to work on Material handling projects related to e-commerce, and currently we have more than 200+ dedicated specialized engineers who delivered many successful projects across the globe.

Advansys ESC experts are delivering projects through different delivery models from Offshore, Onshore, Nearshore and Hybrid models throughout four continents. Advansys ESC is continuously equipping the team with the required expertise & latest technologies to provide comprehensive, quality solutions and full range of specialized engineering services.

Advansys teams have worked on these projects through all stages from solution development, detailed design layouts, electrical & hardware design, order entry, PLC programming, SCADA & visualization, SW development onsite system commissioning and After Go-live Tech support.

Technologies Expertise: Java, PLC programming, SCADA, Conveyor systems, Picking technologies, Sortation technologies, Storage automation.

Service Offerings: IT Outsourcing, SW Delivery Center, Engineering Services Outsourcing, Procurement Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing.

The outcome

Advansys ESC ever-growing specialized engineers have helped the organization to overachieve the growth targets globally by providing flexible models and unmatched industry expertise.

Our skilled talents helped in quick expand in their work force through industry expertise and ability to access to the latest technologies at a lower cost to ensure global competitiveness and land more business opportunities.

  1. Improving Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management 

Private healthcare providers in the Middle East have 70-80% of their revenues come through insurance companies their patients have used whilst enjoying the services they

provide. This puts a significant strain on these organisations as the gap between the actual expenses paid by the healthcare provider and collection of the related revenues takes at least 1 month. 

Picture: marionbrun via Pixabay.com

Advansys ESC has worked with several healthcare providers in the Middle East to improve their Revenue Cycle Management.

The solutions provided focus on two key areas:  Customer Data Accuracy and Elgibility Check Accuracy.

In Customer Data Accuracy, Advansys ESC worked with the healthcare providers to eliminate the errors that occur whilst recording the Patient’s data on their HIS (Healthcare Information System). 

Advansys ESC integrated Web Portal, OCR and RPA in the following manner:

  1. Web Portal for Front Desk to upload the scan of the Patient’s ID on for Contact Centre team to enter the National ID number provided by the Patient whilst booking their appointment. 
  2. OCR tool to extract the ID number from the scanned document and return it back to the Portal. 
  3. RPA tool to logon to the government health portal to grab the insurance provider of the Patient (using the Patient’s ID number) .
  4. RPA tool to logon to the relevant insurance portal to grab the Patient’s personal information (name, DOB, gender, etc.) and insurance information (policy number, coverage, co-pay %, etc.). 
  5. RPA tool then populates the Web Portal for the Front Desk/Customer Care team member to see all the information extracted, add information that is not available on the insurance portal (mobile number, next of kin, etc.) and submit the data to be added or edit in the healthcare provider’s HIS. 

You can read the full article in the Outsourcing Destination Guide Egypt, which is available for free download at www.outsourcing-destinations.org

About the author:

“As Technology Evolves, we advance in augmenting the power of automation through saving millions of operation hours and magnifying efficiency.” Ahmed ElMoghazy, CEO.

Ahmed has 15 years’ Experience in Industrial Automation systems, Strategic Outsourcing in Egypt, Central/ Eastern Europe, Middle East, North America.
He led Advansys ESC business  in different areas like FMCG, BFSI, Manufacturing, Governments, Healthcare, Oil & Gas  industry, Power & Utilities. The CEO of Advansys ESC  holds B.Sc. degree of Electronics and communication  Engineering from Ain Shams University,  and a Master of Business Administration  degree with a  Black belt in Lean six Sigma.

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