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RAYA Customer Experience provides next-generation BPO and customer experience management on behalf of clients across various verticals. RAYA CX has been the most preferred partner of customer service, technical support, and global services for Fortune 1000 companies across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa since 2001. Delivering from the most competitive and highly skilled labour markets, RAYA CX provides an array of integrated business process outsourcing solutions supported by robust strategies, continuous improvement, and innovation.

With over 10000+ seat capacity and 7500+ advisor talent pool, RAYA CX provides top-notch outsourcing of omnichannel customer experience management and call centre services, which has helped accelerate the growth of key thriving industries. 


The client is a renowned American automotive flagship brand, offering sales and after-sales services, social media management, and omnichannel solutions as part of their provided automotive digital services.

Low C-SAT scores, plus high Average Response Time and Turnaround Time (TAT), were negatively affecting the automaker’s CX before approaching RAYA Customer Experience (RAYA CX) for support. The client’s objectives were to continue boosting their growth rate, depending on a more customer-centric approach, create a more intuitive and friendly customer experience, and establish more insightful communication with their customer base. 

RAYA CX embraced a 4-step approach to develop and implement a customized solution that dissects its operations. A thorough case study has been conducted to track the successful methods implemented to transform the client’s CX.

Picture: Raya CX Office Copyright: Raya CX

The Challenges

There were many challenges, but the pandemic significantly impacted this client. First, RAYA CX had to exploit Egypt’s resilient infrastructure.

Although the pandemic took not only Egypt but also the whole world by surprise, the enormous investments made in developing the infrastructure in ICT, power, and energy infrastructure in Egypt have enabled the country to show remarkable resilience and adaptability. In 2019, the government invested billions of dollars in infrastructure upgrades, which supported the unexpected increase in demand caused by COVID-19. So, with the support of Egypt’s infrastructure upgrades, RAYA CX could focus on the other key challenges.

– Inadequate digital engagement

– Slow and long Average Response Time per inquiry

– Turnaround Time (TAT) exceeding 48 hours

The Solution

– Design a pleasant and efficient end-to-end customer journey across all channels

– Enriched the knowledge base by adding the updated process to facilitate the flow of information

– Deployed analytic tools to closely and continuously monitor our client’s position in the market

– Automated simple and repetitive inquiries across platforms

– Trained and qualified CX agents to provide service according to world-class standards

– Implemented the solution in 60 days


RAYA CX has developed a comprehensive training program for the client’s customer service agents to upgrade their soft skills and enrich their product knowledge while undertaking proper site auditing. To build long-term relationships and create a 360-degree view of each customer, implementing the  omnichannel strategy  required changes on the client’s end. 

Picture: Raya CX in Poland Copyright: Raya CX

The automaker adopted a more intensive training program created by RAYA CX, along with establishing a thorough knowledge base, easing the customer service agents’ accessibility to the needed information to guarantee the success of the new omnichannel strategy and to have the Average Response Time and the Average Handling Time under control. 

The challenges were about how to orchestrate all the efforts to build the required infrastructure and create the needed knowledge base to be accessible for the team with its wealth of data within a tight timeline and tight budget. 

RAYA CX expedited IT and infrastructure setup along with setting up and configuring the omnichannel platform from the website, social media channels, emails, customer support calls, chats, and online support. 

RAYA CX certified the client’s CS Agents through its training program to be qualified to manage their multiple social media channels within the omnichannel platform. Also, RAYA CX deployed a  Social Media Monitoring tool  so that the  360-view of the customer experience becomes whole.  RAYA CX also provided an adequate analysis of agent-customer interactions and communications on social media. 

Finally, RAYA CX leveraged  Automation tools  so that the client can get real-time alerts and react swiftly and efficiently depending on the customers’ stage in the automotive customer journey. 

The Results

– An enhanced experience by decreasing the Average Response Time from 24 hours to 30 minutes.

– Optimized Turn-Around Time (TAT), from 48 hours to 60 minutes.

– Use predictive market analytics to impact and alter sales directly.

You can read the full article in the Outsourcing Destination Guide Egypt, which is available for free download at www.outsourcing-destinations.org

About the author: Ahmed Refky is a senior executive, providing strategic vision and leading enterprise transformation. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer and Automatic Control, with continued education in several institutes, including the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne, Switzerland.

Mr. Refky was the managing partner and co-founder of several companies located in the United States, such as Planovate and Nutri Selections. Serving as the Senior VP and Co-Founder of Xceed, a global BPO service provider before joining Convergys as Egypt’s Country Manager, has enriched his professional background and leadership in multicultural environments within global organizations. He is mostly known for his revenue and profitability growth abilities, as well as his versatility in launching and transforming businesses in different industries.

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