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As a company specialized in digital transformation, AkorIT rethinks and rebuilds business processes for the digital age by combining the speed and insight of design thinking and the precision of data analysis.

The company has a broad service portfolio for companies that are looking for improvement and extension of their internet-based business activities, incl. websites and applications, hosting, cloud and infrastructure administration.

The people at AkorIT also provide their solution competencies in CRM and ERP systems as well as in Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technologies and are preparing to apply their knowledge to services clients with Fintech and IoT solutions.

Aurak – Business case

AkorIT offers a tailor-made solution called Aurak to allow companies and individuals to boost the performance of their regular business and if required also of their e-commerce activities, to promote their goods and services, and finally to improve upon the management of general and online business activities.

What is Aurak?

Aurak is a minimalist management solution designed for businesses needing to combine speed, efficiency and the power of a management tool specific to the African economic conditions. Many companies don’t have a management system, and many find existing ERP’s too complex for their specific needs. So we thought of a minimalist solution, that is easy to handle, and which combines both a mini ERP, a mini CRM and a multi-e-commerce system.

Why a mini ERP?

Aurak is a modular ERP management solution, containing well developed micro services thus users benefit from a great flexibility and the speed of the platform. We focused on the essentials for local businesses, and offer in Aurak the following modules:
⁃ A stock management module
⁃ A sales management module
⁃ A billing management module
⁃ A personnel management module
⁃ A module for tracking income and expenses

It is also a CRM. What to do with the mini CRM?

Aurak is built with the objective to help its users to improve their customer’s satisfaction. The Aurak CRM allows our users to manage their customers more effectively – to have more information about their needs and businesses, to access information on previous business transactions and thus being able to tailor business offers.

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About the Author: Carmen P. Akorédé Alodjogbe is a specialist in innovation and digital transformation, self-taught tech lead, keen on innovation and entrepreneurship, passionate about blockchain and banking digitization, today CEO of AkorIT SARL, Curator of the Abidjan hub for the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. After a bachelor’s degree in business management, and some certificates on digital project management, he is currently finalizing a PMP and a master’s degree in finance and banking digitalization. In addition to the soft skills he demonstrates, he defines himself as a
multidisciplinary entrepreneur.

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