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In the remarkable year of 2016, a blazing spark ignited the birth of a visionary company fueled by audacity and an unwavering determination to conquer the formidable realm of telecom BSS services. Despite stiff competition from established industry leaders, SEGMATEK secured a significant deal and became the managed service partner for one of the biggest names in the industry.  

In the following year, emerging victorious from fierce competition, SEGMATEK became the managed service provider for Egypt’s largest operator. It continued expanding its services, establishing a regional delivery center in Egypt in 2018 and a second one in Pakistan the following year.

The following year, SEGMATEK embarked on an awe-inspiring voyage into the enchanting world of software development and became the trusted digital gate software developer for big telecom operators in five countries, employing more than 50 experts.

In 2020, SEGMATEK’s agility and strong values allowed it to safeguard its existing services and loyal customers and harness new horizons, spanning 17 countries. United by a shared purpose, over 80 experts joined their ranks, breathing life into a vision that transcended boundaries.

SEGMATEK’s service catalogue continued to expand, and in 2021, it gained a resounding reputation as a trusted name in the region, extending its partnerships and customers across the vast landscapes of Europe.

The next year was transformative; SEGMATEK fulfilled its longstanding goal of transitioning from a service-based to a product-based business by crafting a remarkable TELECOM BSS product guided by the profound experience of 150 experts and state-of-the-art technology, AI, and methodologies, forever altering the landscape of possibility.

As of 2023, the company has rebranded itself as SIGMA EMEA, unlocking the next era of growth by opening five branches. Guided by the brilliance of over 200 professionals, their collective genius converged to the birth of DOT, a selective BSS software that would redefine the very fabric of the industry.

This year, with our rebranding, SIGMA EMEA is not just unlocking the future of technology but also the future of generations.  

Rooting its first steps towards this goal, SIGMA EMEA proudly announces a new promising partnership: launching SIGMA Academy with support from Coach Academy, a leading training academic institution. The partnership aims to empower individuals of all ages and experience levels to become proficient programmers and discover the exciting world of coding.  

SIGMA EMEA Academy will change industry education to fill the skills gap in the ICT Sector. It will nurture creativity and critical thinking to support project-based learning and problem-solving.

Ahmed Elnabarawy is the Chief Commercial Officer for SIGMA EMEA and Saudi Arabia’s Managing Director.

Ahmed Elnabarawy is an active techno-business consultant and entrepreneur. His areas of focus are technology, business, and sales strategies. He holds a Master’s degree in business and a Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Ahmed Elnabarawy’s professional journey is marked by his tenure at multinational companies like Huawei and Ericsson. He has progressed from technical roles to business management positions, overseeing projects of significant scale, such as telecom technology transformation projects worth multimillions.

In addition, as an entrepreneur, I started many startups, like “Wajbaty,” the first interactive app in Iraq, in 2015, and supported many technology consultancy firm startups, like “IT SERVICE HOUSE” in 2016 and “SIGMA EMEA” in 2017.

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